I Have A Cold

I was perfectly fine yesterday. I got up, went to Uni, came home and relaxed. It wasn't until I was trying to go to sleep that I thought I might be getting sick. When I woke up it was unmistakable.

Growing up, I went to school regardless of how I felt. Colds, fevers and headaches weren't enough for Mum most of the time. I'd be sick for a week or two, tired, unable to concentrate properly.

It's taught me some kind of resilience, and that's great I guess, but now it's up to me how I approach this. Rather than continue being sick for the next two weeks, I want to get it out of the way as soon as possible.

On Saturday I'm going to see the musical Wicked with some friends. I'd really love to have a good night, feel happy and positive and not worry about giving a bug to my friends.

So I stayed home today, rested, and drank a lot of tea.

This is probably an awful blog post, but hey, what's a blog for? Here's a snapshot (literary snapshot) of my life.

Time to go make another tea.

Do you have a killer remedy for colds?


  1. Well now, we can't have you feeling unloved with only 3 followers. :)

    Hope you feel better soon and can enjoy your weekend!

    1. Thanks very much, Jean! I haven't had a new follower for months. Great to see you again.
      I hope you've been well. :)