What better way to start a blog?
Hi, I'm Ryan. I write fantasy. I currently have one book out, and I have another coming early next year. I have another blog, The Dark Corner of the Mind, where I mostly write about how my writing's going, as well as some writing tips that work for me.
But writers aren't my audience -- readers are. That's who this blog is for.
I've been grappling for almost two weeks as to what I can actually write for this blog. What would readers want to read from me? But a couple of minutes ago I decided, screw it, I'll start with the introduction and go from there.
It may be that this blog ends up being everything the other one was, minus the writing tips.
There are a few things I would like to write about in upcoming posts:
- Inspiration for current book
- Themes and ideas
- Occasional updates on progress
- General observations
I'm hoping to keep it simple and write something once a week.
What would you be interested in seeing from me?


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