Photos of my matte createspace cover

My proof copies came in the mail today. I spent hours writing an overdue essay before allowing myself to open the box. I was happy with the proofs except for two small things, so I'll get those out of the way.
1. My map was still low resolution. That's my fault for not having proper programs.
2. The end of more than half the chapters had part of the last letter and the punctuation mark cut off. That may have to do with my font choice. I mean, it's not a cover problem, so nothing to worry about there. I've emailed CreateSpace about it to see if they can sort out the problem.
Now for the cool stuff!
Here's the box.

The front and back. The book on the left will be left mostly untouched. The one on the right I will read through to see how it fares after handling.
The map, along with the new notice pointing readers to the pronunciation guide at the back.
 The Chapter One spread with the new font and formatting.
A spread from the middle of the book.
Side-by-side comparison of the glossy cover (left), a traditionally published matte cover book, and Aundes Aura with its matte cover.
So far I'm happy with the cover lift. It's more natural. I'll post what it looks like in a week's time or so.
Overall, I'm very happy with it!


  1. Great post! Funny how you used "The Name of the Wind" as a comparison.
    That's strange about the letters getting cut off... I have a similar issue with Createspace. On some random paragraphs, my text has this very very light haze... like itty bitty dots around the if I had highlighted it with gray. They say the error is in my original file, but I've done everything possible to make sure nothing is highlighted. I don't know. It's something you can barely even see.

    1. Thanks! :D Why was "The Name of the Wind" a funny comparison? Was it the black background with the gold lettering? hehe

  2. Would you consider sending it as a pdf instead? That way you can be sure no text will be left off.

    1. I sent it as a PDF the first time, and it wasn't accepted. So I tried with Microsoft Word and it took, so I went ahead with it. I've fixed the problem now, though, by using an online Word > PDF converter. Not only did it fix the cut-off problem, it also put out the map at a higher resolution.
      I changed fonts one last time and am now using Minion Pro, which as a professional font doesn't have any of the problems Cardo had. And it's much nicer -- I've fallen in love with it. I'll keep using the online converter so I can get the better quality images.
      I need to do a blog post on this, because I didn't update after this one.