Mid-Year Catch Up

What happened in your December NaNo?

I got to about 15,000 words then stopped.


I may have burnt out. One thing I know for sure, I hadn't planned far enough ahead, and I knew I was approaching the end of my plan.

What have you done since then?

It's my last year at Uni so writing has taken a backseat. The book I'm working on is just under 18,000 words.

What's happening with Knives in the Shadows?

I've added all the new chapters and am currently doing big-picture edits. I'm starting with the hardest stuff and going down the list until I get to the bottom where the easiest stuff is. I made a major change at the beginning, and I have a major change to implement at the end. These aren't necessarily major in the way a character comes back to life, but they are the most difficult and time-consuming to implement (they involve writing completely new scenes) and their purpose is to fix logical issues and make sure all the elements of the story are present. Edits should be finished in the next couple of months while I'm on my Uni break.

Will it be available this year?

I'm debating it. Knives in the Shadows is special to me and I want people to read it, but with the next one already in the works, I wonder if it would be better to wait and release the two books together.
My theory is this: Aundes Aura has already lost all its sales momentum, so it makes no difference whether I release Knives now or in a year's time. However, if I release Knives and the following story close together, they might have more sales potential.

Are you going to be blogging again?

I would like to, but I'm not promising anything. 
On one hand, I'm not sure I have much to blog about. I could blog about writing forever, but I want to focus less on that over here. I want to give more insight into my thoughts and reflections on life and day-to-day things. If it becomes another writing blog, so be it.
On the other hand, I don't have many followers so the incentive to blog is minimal. If you're reading this and not following, please do. Seeing those little profile pictures makes me want to blog more!
If I have enough ideas, I'd like to blog on a particular day once a week. Right now I'm writing some posts to schedule for the next few Saturdays.


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