Reflections on the Blog

Every so often I realise this blog is over two years old, and I remember how easy it seemed to get followers for The Dark Corner of the Mind. Maybe that blog was more accessible, more distant and authoritative with a special title of its own. And here I am with a blog titled "Ryan Sullivan"; not a standout name, just another person in the crowd.

As a review once said, with The Dark Corner of the Mind I was sporadic with my posting. But still, people would sign up to follow the blog every now and then, one more follow to boost my confidence.

The funny thing is, I didn't really know that much about how to write well. Mostly I posted updates about where I was in my first draft. Sometimes I posted writing advice, which people appreciated despite me not having published a thing. One thing I have from that blog is a testament to the long haul of writing; Aundes Aura took me a number of years to finish -- a short book -- but I got there, and The Dark Corner documents the things I tried to get me through.

I can appreciate that, at least.

Here, I have no niche. I have no unfounded writing advice. All I have are personal reflections, opinions and interests. I feel like that should be more interesting. I'm not saying that it's not, but it's probably been done before.

I also think I have a couple of standout things -- the writing, the childcare. But until I write some riveting article, it's nothing that will bring people here and compel them to follow my unexceptional life.

I thought blogging more consistently would improve my rate of follows. It hasn't really, as long as we ignore the five-month gap.

So if I don't have a great many followers, and no one ever stumbles upon my blog, why am I writing it?

By posting about my thoughts and concerns, my future self can look back on issues I was having, and be proud when I overcome them. I can look back on good memories that I've documented.

In my blog introduction, I wrote, "I have another blog, The Dark Corner of the Mind, where I mostly write about how my writing's going, as well as some writing tips that work for me. But writers aren't my audience -- readers are. That's who this blog is for."

When I put myself in a reader's shoes, do I want to read about writing tips? Book progress updates, probably, but blogs about how to write? No. That's how I first came to my approach for this blog -- Ryan Sullivan, Fantasy Author.

It's here, if anyone ever finds it.

If not . . . well at least I'm here to read it.

Thank you to everyone who reads this blog. You give it a reason to exist.


  1. Even if I don't always comment, and I'm not the reader audience you're really looking for...I'm still here blog lurking. :)

    1. Thank you, Jean. It's truly astounding that you've been with me since a draft of Aundes Aura that never saw the light of day. Your presence is very much appreciated.