New Cover, Title Change, Rebranding and What Gets Me Writing

There's no photo today, because the only logical photo would be a screenshot of the new cover, and I don't intend to release that until the book's out, or maybe just before. For now, only a few people have seen the cover, and there's been a great positive reaction from everyone. But who knows, I'll probably end up showing it off early, because it's so darn cool.

So while that's under the wraps, I have something you probably should know -- the new title for the new book. Three Bridges has been Three Bridges ever since I first came up with the bare basics of the plot as it was four and a half years ago. So when it came time to contact a cover artist, it was strange for me to think Three Bridges, while fitting for the three characters, wasn't particularly evocative. (I ended up adding a fourth character anyway.) I knew there'd be better titles out there, and weird as the experience was, I went to brainstorming new titles, thinking about themes, tone and events. I came up with a list of twenty or so titles, most of them slight variations of another, the difference between in or in the. So Three Bridges is henceforth . . .

Knives in the Shadows
And boy does it look nice on that cover! I'm in love with the fonts she's used, which takes me to my next point.
I'll be rebranding the cover of Aundes Aura so that sitting next to Knives in the Shadows they will look like they are part of the same series -- which would be great because they are part of the same series. All this means is that the fonts on the cover of Aundes Aura will be changed to the same ones used on Knives. This also means I can update the blurb on the paperback to the more recent version found on Amazon.
There isn't much that can get me writing. Writing is one of the hardest things in the world, and that can put me off it, but I still come back to it because I love creating the worlds, creating the stories, coming up with great passages, and seeing a project all the way to the end. I love having written, and no amount of difficulty in writing can stop me from eventually finishing my books. I've proven it once, I'm about to prove it again, and I'll keep doing it with this series and the next. I'm getting faster each time, and my writing's becoming more refined, my characters deeper and my world richer.
With all the difficulty of writing, all that time spent staring at the screen thinking, What am I going to write now? (which happens even when I've planned things out), what can get me writing after a full day of stuff? A shiny new cover, that's what!
I couldn't write much because I haven't been in the swing of things and I got really stuck at 95 words. I pushed on, though, up to an almost sort of reasonable 192 words. It isn't much -- I tend to write closer to 500 words -- but it's done something very important. It's pulled me through a part I was stuck at. Now that I'm through, next time I'll be at an easier spot. Sometimes you get those 100-200 word days and you just have to think, I'm glad I'm through that tough spot now. Thanks to that, the next session will be easier.
If not for that awesome cover, I wouldn't have written anything. I'm eager to show it off and that's part of why I want to hold back. I want it there to motivate me to get cracking, because every time I write, it puts me closer to finally showing off the awesome cover and, best of all releasing my new book (which I believe is also awesome, and will be even better once I've finished editing).


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