See the Rebranded Cover for "Aundes Aura"!

So I'm not revealing the cover for Knives in the Shadows just yet, but I'm too excited not to show off Aundes Aura with its new facelift. You'll at least get a hint of what the font might look like for Knives.

Firstly, here's what Aundes Aura's cover has looked like since it came out a year and a bit ago.

And secondly, here's what it will look like when I update it.
I did like the original cover, but it was important for me that there be continuity between the books in the series. I like this one even more. It feels more mature.
Comments make me feel loved.
When should I update the cover? Straight away, or should I wait until the second book is out?
Do you agree that covers should be branded, or doesn't it matter?


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