NaNoWriMo in January

Me: No.
You: Why not?
Me: Because it's exam time, and not only do I have to rehearse and play my own 20-25 minute recital, I'm playing for three others as well.
You: But how will you write a book?
Me: Usually I just write it. But I like the idea of writing a book in a month, so I want to try it myself. January is when I have the least going on, so I'm going to do a NoWriMo (Novel Writing Month) then. It also means I get all of December to finish editing Knives in the Shadows and thoroughly plan the NoWriMo novel.
You: But you failed epically back in December 2010. What makes you think you can do it this time?
Me: You never know if you don't try. Not trying guarantees you won't succeed. At least giving it a shot gives you a chance of success.
You: But what if you fail again? Will you give up writing forever?
Me: So what if I don't manage 50,000 words in a month? If I'd given up in December 2010 I wouldn't have a book out on Amazon. I have too many books in my head for me not to write them.
You: What about the whole NaNo community that's buzzing about in November? You won't have that support.
Me: I'll have the support of my best friend, who will probably be writing at the same time, plus those online I regularly check in with.
You: So what made you suddenly change your mind and want to try again four years later?
Me: I was reading this blog post about NaNoWriMo by Kia Zi Shiru which detailed ways to approach NaNo, and something called the Reverse NaNo jumped out at me. She says, "This is my personal favourite way to write as it builds some leeway in your writing early on. It pushes you to your limits early on so that you have a calmer end of the month. The first day you write 3346 words and on day 30 you write 1 word."
You: That's awesome.
Me: I know. Normally you have to write 1,667 words every day, but with Reverse NaNo, once you pass day 15, you write less than that. And less and less each day. It's also a good idea because you're the most enthusiastic at the start of the project, but then as your enthusiasm wanes, it turns out you don't have to write that much, so you may as well.
You: So you're really just going to do this by yourself?
Me: You're welcome to join me. If you can't do NaNo in November, but you still want to write a novel in a month, do this NoWriMo with me in January. Some extra company and accountability is always a good thing. I imagine I'll be updating on progress here on the blog, and we can also follow each other on Twitter and update progress with a unique hashtag.

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Are you doing NaNoWriMo? Have you done it before, and have you won? What book are you working on?


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